The Complete Strapi Course

The definitive course to learn Strapi v4 from the basics to advanced usage!

Strapi course logo

Why Strapi and why this course?

This course is perfect for anyone that wants to add Strapi to their developer toolbox, being it the most popular headless CMS in the market (and still growing!), which combines top-level out-of-the-box features with strong flexibility and extensibility.

Build and deploy a complete Strapi app, plus a complete plugin!

In this course I will drive you from the very basic concepts to building, customizing and deploying a complete Strapi application.

The application we'll be creating includes features built by extending the Strapi core via custom logic (routes, controllers, GraphQL resolvers, etc.). Furthermore, in this course you'll be developing a complete plugin (admin + server code), that is ready to be published on the Strapi Market (and in fact you will find it there now!).

Let me say that the Strapi Plugin section is a course in the course, and it will give you the skills to propose Strapi plugins to customers, both through the newborn Strapi market (that has high growth potential) and directly.

Course topics list

Here are the main topics you will be learning:

  • Working with content: content types, fields, relations, components, dynamic zones
  • Authorization & authentication system
  • Working with the REST API
  • Working with the GraphQL API
  • Extending Strapi core: custom routes, controllers, services, policies, middleware
  • Extending the GraphQL plugin
  • Customizing the Admin Panel
  • Creating a complete plugin (server and admin included), ready for the Strapi marketplace
  • Deploying Strapi in production

What you'll be able to do afterwards

By the end of this course, you will feel empowered as you'll master a framework that dramatically speeds up time to market in developing production-ready backend applications, while not sacrificing extensibility to adapt it to endless use cases and business requirements!


The Strapi name and logo are property of Strapi Solutions SAS and are shown, as well as parts of the Strapi application, for educational purposes. This course is published independently, with no affiliation with Strapi Solutions SAS.